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Adult Beetle Care Kit 1

This kit contains all the essentials required to keep an adult male or female beetle. Please note that this kit does not support breeding as you need Larva Substrate, use Adult Kit 2 for breeding pairs.

The kit contains:

  • - Faunarium: An exo terra small faunarium PP260
  • - Adult beetle substrate: A compressed 100g Coia brick which when reconstituted with water makes 2l of substrate
  • - Sphagnum moss: A dehydrated block of moss which reconstitutes to 1l of moss. This is essential for keeping the beetle moist
  • - Beetle Jelly: 50x 16g  assorted beetle jelly
  • - Beetle handling tools: Forceps, spoon and probe to allow convenient handling of beetle and any resultant eggs.
  • - Gloves: 75 pairs of food grade disposable gloves
  • - Disposable masks: 50 one size surgical masks
  • - Grooming brush
  • - Anti-pest tape: keeps mites and fruit flies from enclosure.
  • - Humidifier: a 250ml Spray bottle to keep the faunarium moist.


Note that all consumables in the pack can be bought separately in our shop. This bundle is an economical way to start your new hobbby.

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