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Grow jar for Large species Larvae

Polyethylene plastic clear jar with black screwtop lid. Volume 1.5l. The PET plastic used for the jar and lid is tough but flexible which does not crack or break easily when you are moving your animals around.

Our jar is the standard container for larva growing, particularly for larger species. The larva can be inspected through the jar without disturbing the animal. The screwtop jar is quick to fit and remove and yet gives a very secure top that the larva cannot remove unlike clipped containers.

The jar is constructed with 5x 5mm diameter airholes in the top and sides, covered with antipest tape to let air in for respiration but keep out mites and other pests and stop substrate leaking out.  In our experience the lack of sufficient aeration is a major cause of larvae distress (when they come to the surface).

This growjar is suitable for L3 Allomyrina sp. L3 Dynastes hercules  can use this jar during the first few months of L3 stage and then we would recommend you move them to our growbox (10l) until they pupate.

Smaller species/stages such as Xylotrupes gideon can use our standard grow Jar (750ml) to give them adequate room.

Capacity 1500ml
Cap size 100mm
Cap Type Black Smooth PP Screw Cap
Weight 62g
Material PET
Colour Clear
Jar Height 166mm
Width 116mm


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