Larva Kit 2

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Larva Kit 2

This kit of supplies provides everything you need to grow two healthy large larvae. (you may later require more substrate depending on stage/species).

  • - Substrate: 2.5 litre of specially imported fermented wood from the far east.
  • - Growing jar: 2x 750ml screw top hygenic home for the larva
  • - Electronic scales: measures 0.1-200g easily and accurately, great for monitering the growth of your Larvae
  • - Handling tools: Bamboo Tongs, dibber and spoon for handing your animal
  • - Humidifier spray: Makes it easy to keep the jar and its contents moist but not wet
  • - Gloves: 75 pairs of disposable easy wear gloves to protect your larvae and to maintain a hygenic environment
  • - Pupation chamber material x2. Lets you sculpt a secure chamber for pupation for each larva.
  • - Disposable masks: 50 one size surgical masks
  • - Anti Pest tape. Our easy to tear breathable tape for covering ventilation holes on your larvae containers.
  • - Comprehensive care manual: A Rhinobeetle special edition.

All of the items are available separately in the shop but this convenient kit gives a 10% price discount to help you care for your beetle larvae.

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