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How to look after your Larvae and beetles

This is an informative 18 page guide designed to help you begin your journey into keeping Rhinobeetle larvae. The guide is full of practical advice and tips to make sure your larva grows well and develops into a healthy adult.

The guide is provided for free within all Larva Kits but is also available for purchase as a separate item.

There are two versions of the guide. One is delivered as a paper copy and sent by post and the other digital copy only is sent only as a PDF to your email address. The purpose of the digital version is to reduce costs for customers only wanting a copy of the guide who would not want to pay £20 or more for shipping of 20 sheets of paper. 

Sections include

Basic facts about Rhinobeetles
Types of rhinoceros beetles
How to make a larvae Enclosure
How to Feed larvae
How to clean and care for larva
When to Replace substrate
Preparing for metamorphosis
Mating and egg laying (oviposition)
Mites and other pests
Determining sex of larvae
Making dried specimens
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