Our Shipping

We offer two levels of shipping, standard and special delivery. 

We only ship products Monday-Friday. Orders placed late on Friday will not be shipped until Monday following the weekend, to ensure animals are not stored in cold premises for long periods.

We use a number of shippers to obtain the best price we can that also guarantees delivery of your purchases on time and in good condition. All are reliable, all are major name companies. For US shipping we use Royal Mail Tracked (Which appears in the US as USPS) or UPS, depending on which service you select on checkout. Both are reliable. For Canadian and US orders please read relevent articles on Canadian Orders and US Orders.

For UK shipping we generally use Royal Mail, untracked. Although slower than it used to be the Royal mail rarely loses posted items and almost always delivers them in good condition. The cost is good for Royal mail except when you use their tracked services.

Generally we find that although the actual delivery date is unknown the quality and speed is perfectly good enough. Even with untracked shipments we always obtain proof of posting.

Tracked special delivery

We also offer special delivery, tracked  shipping. In our experience this is rarely needed but we strongly recommend tracked and special delivery for adult beetles when you want to be sure they reach you as quickly as possible. We ship our adults (and larvae) in protected containers with suffficient food for at least a week. In our experience they do not suffer from the travel but you might wish to get them quicker with a tracked service you can follow up - but beware this is usually quite a lot more expensive.

We do not recommend special delivery for our substrate which is heavy and is not affected by a long shipping time. Even for UK shipping 2kg or more can cost tens of pounds for postage and packing. 

Overall the choice is yours. We want you to be satisfied and you need to decide if you want the added reassurance of tracked special delivery. 

If you are purchasing from Outside the EU please see our international order information.

Problems with special delivery

Special delivery is the fastest shipping service we offer but It doesn't always guarantee delivery within a time period as All postal services have a caveat on their terms and conditions which says something like "most of our parcels arrive within the timescale we quote, but this is not a guarantee". 

Anoter problem with special delivery is that many customers assume using special delivery puts them at the front of our order queue, but it doesn't. We process orders strictly in the time order we receive them, to do otherwise would be unfair. Usually this is not a problem but when we get large numbers of orders some special delivery orders don't get shipped for 2 days. Special delivery means that we will use a postal service special delivery method (with its own lack of guarantee).

One way around this is that if your order is particularly important then send us an email or add a comment to your order and we will do our best.

SNOW and HOT Spells

Many of our customers from colder climates find it strange that the UK grinds to a halt when it is cold, but it is true. One day of snow and everything everywhere backs up, post gets slower, schools closedown, motorways close...  If we see a prediction of snow or very low temperatures we usually hold delivery of orders for a few days until the weather warms. When this happens we try to email customers to let them know. The main reason we will delay sending out packages in these tempratures is there is a good possiblity the larvae/adult could die if shipped in very cold conditions (Below 5C, Also note that tempratures above 26C are dangerous for larvae) so please check your local weather forcast for the next week before placing an order. 


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