Breeding from Adult Rhinobeetles

Most customers begin by purchasing a single Male adult, usually a large specimen as they are the most impressive. After a few months looking after and showing their 6 legged friend they begin to think about breeding their own Rhinobeetles - this is not complex and requires very little equipment but there are several key issues that need to be remembered:

Sexing adults is easy, the female beetle is always the "plainer" one and only the males has the charactersitic horns of a Rhinobeetle. However if you buy larvae to mature and then breed from it is a bit of a lottery (unless they are L3 larvae). Even experienced breeders find it very hard to tell if you have a male larva or a female larva untill the larvae is in its final stage. If you are planning on buying young L1-L2 larvae The answer is to buy quite a few more than you initially need, so that you ensure you get both sexes.

We can provide in depth caresheets on breeding each species as well as providing feedback via email to any questions you may have, also please note that breeeding your adults can reduce their adult lifespan so it is wise to keep the male and female seperate apart from when you are breeding them if you want to get the most ammount of time with your adult beetles.




Caring for adult rhinobeetles

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There are only a small number of items you need to keep beetles. It is because it is this simple that many people choose to keep them as pets.
The diagram below shows all the items you need to successfully keep and breed adult rhinoceros beetles.
adult materials
Adult beetles do have the ability to fly and although it rare for them to do so and it usually only lasts for a few seconds it is best to make sure all windows and doors are not open if the beetle is not in its enclosure. The diagram below shows a "typical" enclosure for an adult.
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