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What we do?

We are a breeder and worldwide supplier of a variety of species of Rhinoceros beetles, we also sell all of the nessacery equipment for succesfully keeping and breeding rhinoceros beetle larvae/adults. Our Beetles our have been sold to Hobbyists around the world as well as Universitys, Musems, Schools, Animal encounter companys,TV production companies and more.


We source all of our breeding stock from animal friendly sources. None of the beetles we sell are captured in the wild but are bred in captivity and you can be reassured a) that they are healthy and b) that the use of them isn't damaging the natural communities. We now breed a large amount of beetles/larvae ourselves but we still source some stock from the far east and are legally imported into the EU. The substrate we use is top quality as it is produced in the far east by the world record holder for the largest DHH bred in captivity (17cm+).


We keep our overheads down, quality high and most importantly price affordable. We always ensure a high quality product and take the upmost care of our larvae/beetles. We always aim to offer the best possible value for money. 

Where are we based?

The company is based in North Kent and initially concentrates on the serving the UK, but being online means that the we are able regularly provide animals and their supplies across the globe.

Who are we?

Rhinobeetle UK is a trading name for MKICT Services Ltd Ltd, a company registered in England, Reg: No 07818172.

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