Delivery issues

We want all of our customers to be delighted with our customer service. Please register and give us feedback, we will want to understand any bad experience you have had and put it right. 

Damaged goods

For legal and health and safety reasons we can only accept returns of products that are damaged. For obvious health and safety and hygiene reasons we are not able to accept return of live animals.


We use the method of delivery you have chosen. Be aware that postal services never guarantee anything, they only guarantee "best endeavours". In practice most arrive within the timeframe you asked for, but contact us as soon as you feel there is something wrong. We will have emailed you after it was shipped which gives you a starting point.

Returns of supplies and accessories

As with all companies we can only accept unopened and unused items. Post back to us is your responsibility. You dont need to use tracked, but it is your responsibility if it doesnt arrive.

Returns of animals (larvae/adults)

We spend a lot of time caring for our animals and ship them to you in our own design of transport containers and transport materials designed to keep them from damage and provide food and shelter during their travels. The vast majority of our orders arrive safely and live long lives. However, here is how we deal with the different rare things that go wrong -

  • An animal arrives dead: With the exception of Custom delays (see below) if you receive a dead animal please photograph it and send us the image (still in our containers) within a day or so . In this case we will refund or send a replacement.
  • An animal dies within a week of you receiving it: We are happy to accept liability for these deaths - probably due to damage in shipping, ie it was dying when it arrived. We will treat this as if the animal arrived dead and refund or provide a replacement.
  • An animal dies after a week of you receiving it: In this case the animal has become your responsibility. We value your custom and will try to help but cannot just refund or replace your animals. In particular we will try to help you identify why an animal has died, but sometimes they just do. This is no different with an elephant, dog, shark or something as small as a beetle. Where possible we will help as a matter of goodwill but each case will be treated individually without legal liability.

Customs and Postage problems

We are experienced and professional and we know how to safely and humanely ship them, but we cannot control Postal agencies and in particular Customs authorities. We pack animals securely and provide them with plenty of food for their journey. Even air travel isn't an issue but sitting around for weeks (or even days at unusual temperatures) obviously isnt helpful. We will let you know when we ship the goods and particularly for international orders the tracking at our end becomes very difficult and you need to let us know immediately if there is an issue. Usually together we can get blocked animals released quickly. Postal delays are our responsibility but Customs arrangements are always treated as a customer issue, not a supplier one. We will help where we can but the authorities will only talk to the importer (ie you) and not us. Similarly Customs rules and regulations vary from country to country and even state to state and we recommend you check your own local conditions before purchasing.

Address for returns

If you are clear that you are returning damaged goods, then please safely wrap the goods and return to us at:

68 Northridge Road
Gravesend Kent.

How to send returns

Please tell us the return is coming and enclose the following details with your returned goods:

Order Number
Your email address:
A contact telephone number:

If you cannot find the order number quickly don’t worry as your details will let us find out.


We will refund money to the Paypal or bank account you provided on checkout. If you registered on checkout then you can login to retrieve your order numbers and also to leave an optional comment. 

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