This article brings together information scattered through all the other articles on looking after the animals. Containers are the most important pieces of equipment when caring for your beetles and larvae. 

What size

For adults they should be quite large. We use a lot of ExTerra vivariums. Adults like space, some dark areas, some rocks and twigs to climb and they like to move about.

For Larvae the size should mean that the substrate inside is quite tightly packed. Making the containers too big means that you will need more substrate. In general I recommend about 300ml L1 750ml L2, L3 1.5Lires (this is for largest species we sell 750ml might be appropiate for L3 in smaller species) per individual.

What material?

Plastic is easy to clean, hygenic and doesnt rot or rust. It is also generally smooth and won't harm the insects.

How to secure the container?

For the vivaria for adults they tend to have professional clamps to shut them, but we find that even these benefit from some gaffer tape to ensure the animals dont get out. 

For larva you buy snap shut containers but we prefer to use screw shut containers as we have found Larvae can sometimes find a weakspot if one of the clasps is not fully shut.



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